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How To Choose A Dc Freezer
With the improvement of the economic level and the diversification of family ingredients, the freezing of a refrigerator can no longer fully meet the needs of users. Many families will be equipped with DC freezers to store more ingredients, enrich the family’s diet, and ensure their healthy and nutritious intake . So how do we choose home DC freezers? What kind of DC freezer is a good DC freezer? Let’s share with you.
First of all, there are two types of home DC freezers, one is frost-free and the other is frost. The frost-free DC freezer is a fully air-cooled frost-free freezer. It does not require defrosting for 365 days, saving time and effort. The advantages of a home DC freezer are mainly three points: 1. No frost throughout the year, no defrosting for 365 days, convenient and clean. 2. The area is small, 0.38 square meters, which is much smaller than the traditional horizontal DC freezer, which solves the problems of small-sized or restricted families. 3. There is no need to bend down and search, layered drawer design, clear at a glance, the ingredients are stored in different categories. In addition, the Caijing glass panel is beautiful and easy to take care of. There is also one-key adjustment of refrigeration, freezing and s

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