Analysis Of The Situation Of China Freezer Not Cooling

It is very likely that the compressor of the freezers has failed at this time, thus causing the freezers not to refrigerate.



China freezer has not experienced any failures, but there is still no way to refrigerate at normal temperatures. It is very likely that the compressor of the freezers has failed at this time, thus causing the freezers not to refrigerate. At this time, it is a good solution to carefully check the compressor and solve the problem according to the cause of the failure.

Several Causes and Solutions of Refrigerator Not Cooling;

Reason 1:

The reason why the freezer does not refrigerate. If the high-pressure output buffer pipe in the compressor in the cabinet is broken, causing no refrigeration, or the screw fixing the pipe is loosened, then causing the high-pressure pipe not to exhaust and the low-pressure pipe not to inhale. Cause this kind of situation: although the compressor is running, the freezer is not refrigerated. Or it is the leakage of refrigerant. Although the compressor is running, there is no evaporation and heat absorption of refrigerant in the system. If the temperature in the cabinet does not drop, there will be an uncooled reaction.

Solution: Check whether the pipeline at the compressor is broken and whether the screw fixing the pipeline is loose.

Reason 2:

The leakage of refrigerant requires us to invite professionals to carry out relevant inspections to ensure that there is sufficient refrigerant in the cabinet. If there is a leak, we need to replace the tubes in the cabinet to ensure that the amount of refrigerant is sufficient, so that the refrigeration can be very good.

Solution: Check whether the refrigerant is normal and whether the pipes and joints are loose or cracked.

Reason 3:

Capillary tube and dryer are blocked, and heat is generated at the outlet of the freezer. So we have to take it down for treatment. The refrigeration mode also has certain influence on the refrigeration effect. The main refrigeration modes are direct cooling and indirect cooling. Among them, direct cooling means that the evaporator directly performs a cooling cycle with the storage space, and the cooling effect is the best. Intermittent cooling is carried out by blowing cold air. The cooling effect is average.

Solution: Look at the refrigeration mode of the freezer. If it is a long time, it is also very normal that the refrigeration is slow.

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