Understand The Structure Design Of Die Casting Manufacturer

The first step of die casting is structural design, so the Die casting manufacturer will be extra careful in design.

The first step of die casting is structural design, so the Die casting manufacturer will be extra careful in design. Today we will talk about its structural design.

Die castings tend to use uniform thin walls. To improve their strength and rigidity and prevent deformation, the method of increasing the wall thickness should not be used alone, but appropriate thin-walled reinforcing ribs should be used for this purpose.

The stiffeners should be arranged symmetrically and have a uniform thickness to avoid new metal accumulation. Its thickness is generally 2/3-3/4 of the wall thickness of the die casting. To reduce the resistance during demolding, the reinforcing ribs should have a casting slope.

The rounded corners can make the molten metal flow smoothly, improve the filling characteristics, and the gas can be easily discharged. At the same time, avoid stress concentration caused by sharp corners and lead to crack defects. Especially when die castings need to be electroplated, the rounded corners are necessary to ensure a good electroplating effect.

Of course, the structural design of die-casting parts such as the OEM aluminum enclosure still needs to pay attention to many points, in short, you have to be careful.

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