About Buz.One

Buz.One is a new social network with the aim of communicating people and their interaction on various issues of everyday life that occupy a large portion of people in our society today. Its purpose is not only to tabulate its members their concerns but also to they create pleasantly different themes that touch them through activities offered to them by the site.

The activation of its members as well as their active participation contribute to the development of a small society that is mainly due to the voice of our Romania society and not only.

My engagement and my learning from the various websites that I have had motivated me to engage in amateur by 2017 creating various websites. In September 2016, the idea of creating a new social network was born.

The aim of this network is to attract people who have the opportunity to express themselves through the pages of Buz.One creating within their personal profile their own preferences and opinions. Buz.One is not a newsletter is a platform similar to facebook where its members can do a lot, that is to say just in fb.

You can create different albums and share them with your friends and your acquaintances. Create various events.

Advertise your own business

Publish your own ad for something you want to sell.

Upload your own videos and share them with others.

Create your own vote for something you care about or anything else.

Create your own contests whether it's a photo, a video.

Create your own Quiz.

Create your own teams with the title you want and invite people to join.

And many more that will be added over time.

Within the capabilities of the site, members can also communicate through the chat application. All members of

Buz.One by downloading the xChat end Buz application from the Play Store can chat with their mobile phone and tablet. They are given the ability to share photos and videos of their favorite moments with all their friends through the application, simply by entering the Enter URL www.Buz.one and for Username and password they use to enter the site !! !

In a nutshell Buz.One was created not only to put your ideas and opinions, but also to entertain yourself, to spend your leisure time pleasantly and constructively.

Sincerely, the Buz.One management team