Terms of Use

Terms of Use and Operating Rules of the Buz.One website.

The following Operating Rules have been enacted to ensure the smooth conduct of the discussions at Buz.One forum Registration and participation in the Buz.One forum means full acceptance of the Rules of Operation. Please check the individual forum categories for any additional rules that apply in parallel to these Operating Rules.

Participants agree not to place defamatory, offensive or any other material that may violate the laws of the ROMANIA State. It is strictly forbidden and any violation of this rule would result in the blocking and / or deletion of this issue and, possibly, the prohibition of access to the forum for that user (ban):

Any message about illegal software or methods of disabling software protection (Crack, Serial, Key Generator) as well as links for web pages with such content.

Ads of any kind without the written consent of the administrator. Spamming is also prohibited (public or private message sending). Messages, ads, or bids for goods prohibited by applicable law (including ads for copyright-infringing products such as DiVX, DVD-R, VCD, and recorded music performances in digital mp3, wma, wav, etc.)

The IP address is recorded and the user-created multiple username is not allowed. Any offenders of the rule will be deleted from the Members' Register and will be denied access to the forum (ban).

You agree that the administrator and moderators have the right to remove, convey or even "lock" comments to any site on the site that they do not agree with the above terms. Therefore, it is up to the members to be careful in the expressions that may affect the personality of the participants in the discussions, in the various categories of the forum.

Any questions about blocking or deleting a message or subject should be submitted by personal message (PM) or e-mail to the appropriate moderators or the administrator rather than by creating a topic. Any similar topic created will be locked immediately.

Violation of the terms of registration will entail the following: The offender will be notified either by a message or by a personal message from a moderator. In the event of a serious (in the opinion of the administrator) violation, a ban on access to the forum (ban) will be triggered.

Moderators always have the right to correct offensive words, delete the offensive or inappropriate message altogether, or lock up the topic in the forum. As a user, you agree that all personal information and messages you have entered are stored in a database

. The information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. Members of Buz.One should not use any information related to forum members provided by Buz.One or by its own members. If the handling of "personal" data is detected in a public forum, the forum management has the right to delete these messages, as well as to penalize the offenders. Your email address may be hidden from other members if you wish. You can specify it in your account preferences, whether it will look public or not.

Remember: Access to this forum is no one's right. So you must use it with respect to the rules. If these rules do not like you remember no one forced you to join our forum.

Buz.One Disclaimer Statement of Liability

Buz.One maintains a chat room on the Internet according to the specific terms mentioned above. Visitors / users of the relevant services must abide by the rules of good conduct and dignity and not commit unlawful or unethical formalities. Buz.One can in no way be deemed to accept or embrace in any way the personal ideas or perceptions expressed in these spaces.

Visitors / users of the related services retain the copyright in the views they express with their messages.

Members remain solely responsible for all acts performed by their user account, including the content they transmit through the Buz.One forum.

Buz.One and its owner are not responsible for the positions of natural or legal persons or any misconduct or loss, direct, indirect, special, consequential or other, or any type of damage from the users / visitors.

Buz.One and its owner are not responsible in any way for the accuracy and correctness of the information, judgments, comments contained in member messages and for actions that will be the result of messages or even advice provided by member messages in its forum.

Therefore, visitors / users of Buz.One, using their services on their own initiative, also assume the responsibility of crossing the information provided with the sources.

Buz.One and its owner are not responsible for the content of other sites for which we can not control their content as well as no liability for messages affecting third party or patented copyrights. Every effort is made to prevent such messages from occurring. However, if you post such messages, if you are the rights owner, you can contact us in our Administration Our E-Mails to withdraw immediately!

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